Anniversary Edition

The year 2008 was a landmark for the Shipping Agents Association of Thessaloniki. A hundred years since its foundation had gone by, the first 100 years of its life. A century full of everyday challenges, problems, innovations, joys and sorrows but most of all a century of our association and its members’ great contribution to the business, and the economic and social life of our city. We have always felt, and still do as a precious legacy, the responsibility to preserve and highlight that history. Thus the idea of the anniversary edition entitled “The Shipping Agents World 1908-2008” was born. The distinguished author and a true expert in Thessaloniki’s history Dr. Evangelos Hekimoglou along with his associates were assigned to carry out the difficult task of recording and saving a century of our city’s maritime chronicles. Sponsored and supported by certain member colleagues and associates as mentioned in the edition, the dream came true.

On December 19, 2008, the centennial anniversary of the Shipping Agents Association of Thessaloniki was celebrated with magnificence and pride. The edition was presented by the author himself in a breathtaking narrative. A short extract from the author’s preface will surely tempt the visitor’s interest “…This is not therefore a peculiarity of Thessaloniki, but the formal confirmation of the rule that governs all major Mediterranean ports. They are not fortuitous places. It seems that only few researchers take into account the fact that ports have always been a favourable environment for globalization and that especially the Mediterranean ports have played a major role in shaping the global economic system. It is of particular importance the historic process through which the shipping trade has drawn distinct pathways of economic and social development …”.

The anniversary edition is available at our association’s premises. You are all invited to become participants in this very important part of our city and its people.